Sunday, April 26, 2009

Story Time!

OK, I do not have the energy right now to talk about the competition two days ago (I didn't advance to finals, in case you were wondering, but it's totally alright) so I'm going to tell a story, albeit belatedly, in honor of 4/20. This is the story of the time my sister and I got high.

Ok, those of you that are freaking out can calm down. We didn't do it on purpose, and it was only through examination years later that we decided that was what actually happened.

We were youngish, probably high school. I get this strange cosmotological urge to do a manicure and tell Seester that if she'd let me, I'd do her nails. She's game, so we get a set at Walgreen's or someplace and go in her room (or was it our room? Depends on how young we were) and start playing beauty shop.

The way you used the particular type of acrylic nail set we got was that there was a gel you put on the fingernail, and then poured this powdery stuff on it to "activate" it. I'm pretty sure (read: it was all over the box) that the room was supposed to be well ventilated. I don't remember why we needed to shut her door (loud music, perhaps? Probably so we wouldn't kill the parrot in the living room) but we did and since the whole process was centered around a powder, we couldn't really turn a fan on, either. Basically, we were huffing and had no idea. Some rebels, eh?

I don't remember much about the whole experience except that we were listening to Cake and at one point, the lyrics are "Fawn, Jo and Tootsie are out on a wire" (OH MY GOSH! I never actually knew what the lyrics were there! Ha!) and we, at the time (and me up until about literally five seconds ago), thought it was "Fonzo and Tootsie," which, admittedly, makes no sense. We, at the same time, realized that we had both occasionally gotten mixed up at that part and said "Fonzie" (like Happy Days) but then remembered "Tootso" isn't anything, so that was obviously wrong. We laughed really hard about that, but only after we were done being slightly weirded out that we had been thinking the exact same thing about this goofy song.

Oh, that and we did a trial run of the acrylic stuff on a Sharpie, so for a while this Sharpie in our house had a creepy fingernail on the end of it. We painted it red, which just made it weirder. Damn, I wish I had a photo of that marker. Instead, a photo of weirded out.