Friday, March 25, 2011

Could've had it all...

I made a snap judgement about this lady:

Rolling in the Deep - Adele

I just didn't love her right at first. I have now revised my opinion, as she is sort of like Alanis Morissette crossed with Aretha Franklin. And let's face it-- that's pretty badass.

She is just the kind of angry girl music that I like. Mostly the kind that says exactly what happened to me (and anyone who listens to it feels that way, too). She also does some happy type songs (though, they're still kind of bitter [which I like]):

I'll Be Waiting - Adele

Sorry for the somewhat iffy quality on that last one...

Anyway, she does a sad kind, too. I just really like all of her music. The whole album. Not many artists get that particular praise from me. Worth the purchase on iTunes, for sure.

Someone Like You - Adele

I love her voice; both singing and speaking. And her fake eyelashes. And her cool hair. Here is a really interesting video talking about her meanings behind every song on the album and little snippets of all of them. Kind of a long video, but very cool.

Seriouly. How pretty is she?



Friday, March 11, 2011



Ok, so after months of silence, I have come here to say:


That took FOREVER. However, it's in sales- the regular, retail kind- but it's not the crappy, schedule all over the place, mall type retail. This is 8-5 retail of luxury plumbing that isn't open on Saturdays. I could not be more excited to start! I'm actually not sure when my first day will be, but it'll be within two weeks, I believe. So it CAN be done! I DID find a job! YIPPEE!!! HOooorraaayyy!!!!

p.s. It's kind of irrelevant, but I'm loving this cute turtle photo.

Also-- Rift? "We're not in Azeroth anymore." Rude. And until you come out with a Mac client, I will have none of your gorgeous graphics and interesting talent trees and classes. So there.