Monday, July 26, 2010

Tee hee


Sorry I've been gone for-EV-er... I promise promise that I'll update soon with talk of my big move to Texas (yay!!), my big kid job and lots and lots of other things that I should have been writing about, but I just haven't. I guess I didn't want to jinx them? Who knows....

Also, dear blah blah blah,

I'm really curious as to where you're headed with this. Part of me wants to just ignore it completely; as if the words never registered (a taste of your own medicine, perhaps?), but I'm just so curious. I'm also wondering if you think that you still have the same power over me that you once did. You would be very wrong as you so kindly broke me of that about a year ago. I'm not mad, but then again, I'm never mad. Irritated, frustrated, sometimes, but never mad. In any case, I'm still here. I'm always here. But it would take a helluva lot more than some words I wanted to hear a year ago for me to just fall all over myself again. Like I said, I actually have you to thank for my bolstered spirit. Anyway, continue with your wonderful life!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Letter to Seester

Dear Seester,

I love you. You are my favorite sister, but seriously. I would really rather you not respond to my random inside joke text with a phone call telling me how you're out with all of the people I'd love to be out with but can't because I A) don't live in Wichita Falls anymore and B) don't have to extra fundage to go down there every weekend. I would also appreciate it if you would refrain from telling me the stories reinforcing how you're the dangerous, mysterious, and cool sister. I know you are. It's painful enough just being the boring, straight-laced, un-adventurous one, but you letting me know that the guy who has been my go-to crush on guy since fourth grade said that you're "super f*&^ing hot" was almost over the line of what I can reasonably handle. Even if it doesn't seem like it bothers me or matters, it does; on both counts. I'm not the cool one. I'm okay with it most of the time. I'd like it if you didn't rub it in...



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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ready to take a ride on my train of thought? Here we go!

Working on Project 1 ->
Look up something on the internet ->
Get distracted and work on Project 2 ->
Look up something else on the internet ->
Realize I'm being scattered ->
Wish I was better focused and think about that I need to get myself medicated for ADD ->
Remember that I don't have health insurance at my new job ->
Ponder life and how much it's going to cost versus what I will be making ->
Wonder if I'll have enough money to get medicated ->
Think about how cool/productive life would be if I WAS medicated (or at least the option) ->
Remember that I'm supposed to be working ->
Repeat from beginning.

So... that's life today.