Saturday, April 11, 2009

And I said I wasn't going to blog again...

I just wanted to update the world on my paper. I finally got started actually assembling it, and it's going really well so far. In its very earliest of drafts (as in, I just copied and pasted from sources and I will paraphrase like I'm supposed to do later) it is already 3 and a half pages!!! AND I haven't even turned the double spacing on! I feel pretty good about this paper! Yay for doing crap earlier than is absolutely necessary! I haven't ever done this before...

it's incredible!

*Also: I have discovered the way to making myself do the paper is to just turn on the recordings on repeat. I have three of them, but I only listen to two of them because the other one sucks. My favorite is the one where Bernstein (the composer) conducts the New York Phil. Anyhow, more paper!

Hineh mah tov,
Umah nayim,
Shevet achim
Gam yachad.