Thursday, April 16, 2009

I AM an Opera Singer.

Opera singers sing.

If I had to describe myself in a word, it would probably be loud. I am one of the loudest people I know, as far as sheer volume of sound produced, and while I know that it is mostly just obnoxious, I choose to believe it is endearing on some level. And professionally, it's very useful. I have lived in 3 different apartment complexes and a duplex and have never had anyone say anything negative at all about me making a LOT of noise practicing or what have you.

Until about half an hour ago.

My neighbors next door (not upstairs, ironically) were actually knocking on the wall as if to say, "Hey! You in there singing. SHUT THE #@$% UP!"

It is not late. I am not bad. I will probably only sing for 15 or 20 minutes before I get bored. This is my house. This is what I do.

Please don't throw a rock though my window....... :'-(

Tallulah Carter in Hotel Casablanca

Two Cake themed titles in a row in honor of Cakefest 2009! Wooo!!


Carolyn said...

That's a "don't throw things at me" face if ever I've seen one