Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MORE Reasons my Dad rules

So I was all happy about my refund check coming in, yeah? The thing was that it got mailed to Dad's in south Texas (which wasn't to ME in Oklahoma...) and he doesn't have a Bank of America in his little town, so you know what he did? My Awesome Dad drove an hour to a bigger city and deposited my check for me so it would get to me faster.

My dad rules. (Love you, Dad!!)


Pop and Ice said...

Wow! You have the best Dad ever! He truly cares about you and now you have money for your weekend in Albuquerque!

P.S. Your Ginger friend is strange.

Courtney said...

I know! My dad is awesome.

P.S. Aww!! I loves my Ginger buddy!

Laoch of Chicago said...

That is a nice dad. : )

Mary Ellen said...

Hope the travel preparation is going well - your dad seems great!