Tuesday, June 9, 2009


(I guess that could be pronounced "day-AH-muh-ter" or "DAY-oh-ME-ter")

I just had a brilliant idea:

The Dayometer

I want one so bad. Hm... I should probably explain what it is. Ok, so it would be (as it's not even invented yet) an "-ometer" that tells the blog-o-whatever how your day is! I mean...

oh. I guess we have Twitter for that. Damn it.

I was actually kind of excited about this, but now, literally over the course of writing this post, I have realized that it is just not really a very worthwhile endeavor.

Let it be known that I had it all worked out... how it could have a needle like most "-ometers" and it would have labels like "Kickass day!" all the way on one side and "Shitty day" on the other side and emoticons for some of them and possibly indicator lights about WHY the Dayometer was where it was (like a "Check Food Intake" light on a :( day)...

...it's possible I put too much thought into things sometimes.

HOWEVER: My Dayometer just moved toward the "Kickass!" side by an amount of NOMs because my totally kickass amazing Rümmi brought me food at work!

I heart her :)


Pop and Ice said...

I think you should create one that we can upload as a gadget to Blogger. Quick way to either warn off people or invite them in!