Friday, June 5, 2009

Dang it!

I really hate when I link to something in a post and I inadvertently leave out part of the address so it goofs up the hyperlink.

As in this post where I linked the word "bastert" to this piece of work, but I botched the link and it didn't do what it was supposed to.

I feel like this is an important enough link that I need to correct the oversight. It's "A Dramatic Reading of a Real Break Up Letter" and its audio is a little NSFW (it says the "s" word!) but it is whoa funny.

Also MANY THANKS to Pop and Ice for her sweet words and linkage! (I'll do a pretty music post just for you when I get to work here in a bit. Promise :) )


Pop and Ice said...

I'm glad I never had those types of relationships nor such bad feelings toward a former relationship. Geez. Guess my life must be pretty boring without all the necessary drama.

Pop and Ice said...

No, I take it back. We have lots of medical drama so that makes up for the lack of relationship drama.