Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear Old Love

If you haven't heard of this site, you're really missing out. In their words:

"Dear Old Love" is short notes to people
we've loved (or at least liked).
Requited or unrequited.

The ex-husband in Grace Paley's short story
"Wants" says to his ex-wife,

"I attribute the dissolution of our marriage
to the fact that you never invited the Bertrams to dinner."

If you're bitter, that's the way
to express it here.

Actual folks submit these and they're posted anonymously.

They range from sweet and cute:
To Do
You say it would take “a lot” to get back together. Please be more specific so I can start working on that list.

Saving Face
I said I was pink-cheeked because I was hot. In fact, it was because you were.

to amusing:
No Tao
I’m not sure what to do with this giant stuffed Tigger you sent me, except perhaps dismember it and send you parts in the mail.

Bio Rhythm

I was attracted to you was because you looked like a more approachable, younger version of my super-hot biology teacher.

to heart-breaking:
No Consolation Prize
Telling me that I was the closest you’d ever gotten to marrying someone did not console me.

to kind of funny:
You Knew What I Meant
When I said we’d make no sense together, I meant we’d make an amazing couple.

So We're Even
I hate that I love you. I love that I hate you.

to nerdy:
My love for you is like pi—irrational, never-ending…

to short and to the point:

I like you.

Just One Little Thing
Like me most, please.

I say all that, to show you this one:

Wouldn't It Be Better?
You are still, to this day, the only man who has made me physically weak just by making eye contact. It is probably a good thing we never slept together.



...and yikes.

photo via Flickr


Pop and Ice said...

So poignant! I'm off to check out the website...

And I've read the Grace Paley story.....I love short stories!