Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roll me away

In the continuing saga of purse/car/apartment change, I stopped by the bank at lunch to be informed that they (unlike the bank back home where I worked) virtually require change to be rolled for them to take it. Otherwise they have to send it off...?

I have no idea.

I'll let you guess what I was doing after lunch today:

And a little GPOYW (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday) for ya, too


All rolled up.

So I'm going through the drive-thru to get real dollars after work. Yippee!


Meg Fee said...

oh sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than hand-rolling coins. sigh, life. the little things.

SassyLittleGinger said...

not only do the bank skanks require you to roll your change, but if you stick rolls of change in the drive thru tube at the bank, they have a SHIT FIT because apparently it slams down and cracks the tube when it reaches them due to all the weight. not that i've done that or anything.... HA.

Courtney said...

@Meg - I actually haven't ever done it before. And I worked in a bank!! They came pre-rolled (thankfully).

@Ginger of ultimate sexiness - See, I worked in a bank, so I know how that shit goes down. That was WHY I went in at lunch, because different locations do it different ways. Our branch had a coin counter, so if the coin was rolled, we had to unroll all of it (annoying). We wouldn't even accept it at all if it was rolled. These guys, after they told me that it MUST be rolled, told me in the commercial lane (because I happened to know that they don't like coin through the tubes ;) ) that they will do it this time, but they CAN'T accept it, either. (Apparently some person had rolled a bunch of washers instead of quarters.... like $100 worth. Yikes) Ugh. Oh well.