Friday, June 19, 2009

A Perfect Life

(In the midst of a conversation about mountains, ocean and big skies)

    Him: Why can't I have it all?
    Me: Nobody can ever have it all.
    Me: You can continually strive for "it all" but if you could really attain perfection... what after that? There will always be something else. This isn't a bad thing.
    Him: Bullshit. A perfect life can be had.
    Him: It is finding what you love, finding a way to get paid doing it, and doing it in a place and with/around people you love.


Well, yes. That would be pretty close to perfect, huh?

Ansel Adams, Golden Gate Headlands, 1950


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Mary Ellen said...

I balance that desire for perfection of joyous vocation with beloved companions with the realization that there is much to love in the happenstance that mostly is my life, if I'm not consumed with regret for what I haven't managed (yet) to do / experience. If that makes any sense!