Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Surprise Wedding Reception!!

Wow. This story is SO fabulous!

Ok, Improv Everywhere is a group out of NYC that organizes pranks and funny group activities that require the "agents," or participants to "improv" what they would do in the situation to make everything go like it should.

My favorites that they do are the Mp3 Experiments where everyone who wants to participate downloads an mp3 from their website and puts it on their iPod or whatever, does NOT listen to it, and at a predetermined time and place, pushes play and follows the instructions. The results are brilliant.

The one from today is a Surprise Wedding Reception where the IE people chose a couple getting married at the City Clerk's office and gave them a reception in the middle of New York City. Aside from the couple and the immediate family that was there with them, the whole reception- planner, waiters and everything- were total strangers. Genius.