Friday, June 5, 2009

Big ol' bunch of music

When I checked my Twitter this morning and I see a very (very very very) sweet tweet (hahahaha) from Pop and Ice. In response to said sweetness, I hereby dedicate this big ol' bunch of music to her. I hope you (and anyone else who reads this) will enjoy!

So, I narrowed the selection to ten, and I'm going to group them in twos that are sort of similar. (This is mainly for my own personal benefit, as things tend to get jumbled when they rattle around in my brain without any semblance of order.)

Sidenote: I am totally breaking my own "Don't post ridiculously long blog entries" rule, but I really only write this thing for my own amusement anyhow, so I'll break it today.

Group 1: Random (Pfft. I would start with a "random" group.)

These are songs that actually just didn't go with any of the other groups or with each other, but I like these songs quite a bit; "Seven Nights in Ireland" for its mood and "Amado Mio" because Pink Martini is genius and incredibly versatile.

Seven Nights in Ireland - Reckless Kelly

Amado Mio - Pink Martini

Group 2: Oren Lavie Genius Playlist

iTunes has this amazing "Genius Playlist" feature that will take a song you like and make a playlist of similar sounding songs you already have. These came off of such a playlist based on Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" (if you watch that, definitely watch it in HQ)

A Dream Within a Dream - Oren Lavie

Under the Weather - KT Tunstall

Group 3: Stuff that sounds vaguely like "Boy With A Coin"

Since I have been obsessed with that song recently, there is logically a whole group that reminds me of it. The Ryan Adams is a cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall" which has sort of a weird video, but if you've never heard the original, the cover is less impressive.

Wonderwall - Ryan Adams

Mykonos - Fleet Foxes

Group 4: Hem and Gabe Dixon

Ahhhh... two of my very favorite and just gorgeous artists. The Hem song is a bonus track, so unless you've acquired everything they've ever done, PopandIce, I don't think you will have heard it. "Further the Sky" has some superb lyrics:

The higher you reach,
The further the sky.
The more miles you walk,
The longer the road.
The steeper you climb,
The harder you stand to fall.
The stronger you get,
The heavier the load.

In a Barrel At Sea - Hem

Further the Sky - The Gabe Dixon Band

Group 5: Not Your Typical Blog Music

Ok, I am an opera singer. I have been in and around choral music and a much more classical vein of song for quite some time. While I don't particularly enjoy all of it (or even a lot of it), sometimes I just love me some classical-er sounding stuff. The King's Singers are a group of 6 men that sing all kinds of stuff from Renaissance madrigals to The Beatles. And then.... *sigh* Ian. I have gone to school with Ian for the last two years and his voice is seriously one of my very favorite voices I have ever heard. That actually is quite a statement, because I am really picky and I have heard a lot of people, but *sigh* again. I could just go on and on about his voice and how frickin' pretty it is. That song is from Civil War by Frank Wildhorn and is a letter from a soldier to his wife (lyrics here). The quality on that one isn't so good because we were giving our little recital in what was basically a cafeteria, but you can still hear the dreaminess...

You Are the New Day - King's Singers

Sarah from Civil War - Ian Gibb



Laoch of Chicago said...

Thanks for posting this.

Pop and Ice said...

Okay, you're going to get ALL of my comments on my song extravaganza for which I am deeply grateful, but people I wasn't trying to cadge a post out of this girl! I'm sure she's better things to do. I will post in the same groupings you have set up.

Pop and Ice said...

Group One: Random

Seven Nights in Ireland: I was totally chair dancing to this song. I would lift my glass in salute but as I participated in BJFriday and I have a sore throat (such dedication I have!), I am raising my tea with honey to honor the Reckless Kelly.

Amado Mio: Oh, this so makes me want to take off on a totally romantic vacation with my hubby. Let it begin tonight, indeed.

Pop and Ice said...

Group 2: Oren Lavie Genius Playlist

P.S. I love the Genius function on iTunes, too.

A Dream Within a Dream - Oren Lavie: Oren, come serenade me. The dreams you would produce would be of such gorgeousness I probably couldn't verbalize them.

Under the Weather - KT Tunstall: I have listened to KT Tunstall before, but just a bit. Feels like Home, indeed, KT! This song reminds of me a first blush love where you are still marveling that they are still there in the morning.

Pop and Ice said...

Group 3: Stuff that sounds vaguely like "Boy With A Coin"

Well, I know I already like that tune, but I'm ready to hear some more.

Wonderwall - Ryan Adams: Ah, the same Wonderwall I know, just mellow and acoustic. A very relaxing song and I think I'm going to be developing some playlists based on these songs.

Mykonos - Fleet Foxes: A truly beautiful song - I don't know about what exactly - but there seems to be much support and love for the brother. I know I would love to go to Mykonos, but hopefully not while escaping some disaster of my own doing.

Pop and Ice said...

Group 4: Hem and Gabe Dixon

In a Barrel At Sea - Hem: I have to say I love the local references that HEM employs. I feel as if I could be there, experiencing exactly what that writer experienced. In this case, the Ohio. But I was so blown away by hearing about Mackinaw (Mackinac) in Lucky.

Further the Sky - The Gabe Dixon Band: A very enjoyable listen. I think I want to listen more before passing judgement or it could be I'm tired and my meds are kicking in, making it hard for me to focus. But I will come back and revisit this tune and the group.

Pop and Ice said...

Group 5: Not Your Typical Blog Music

I'm not sure what is typical blog music, but I'm all for whatever you are suggesting!

Oh, I love Renaissance Madrigals! I was in a Madrigals Group in High School and we toured Great Britain and Scotland and it was such fun. Of course, we were just a bunch of decent HS singers, but at least we were exposed to something else besides Fleetwood Mac and ZZ Top!

You Are the New Day - King's Singers: I still remember my favorite Madrigals song: It Was a Lover (and His Lass) although I called it Sweet Lovers Love the Spring. I still sing it, but just around the house. The King's Singers are superb. I could listen to Madrigal music all the day long.

Sarah from Civil War - Ian Gibb: Wow! What a powerful, gorgeous voice! And you get to hang around this man! Lucky you! This harks back to a time when separations and distances were covered by letters which sometimes took MONTHS to arrive. I think we've sort of lost the art of longing with our instant gratification demands.

Pop and Ice said...

And just so you know, lucky, lucky me gets to attend the following on Saturday night:

Saturday, June 6, 8:00 p.m., Seligman Performing Arts Center

Yehonatan Berick, Yehuda Hanani, Paul Katz, James Tocco,
Pei-Shan Lee, Biava Quartet

Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture for Piano Four Hands
Franz Schubert Selected Lieder
Edvard Grieg String Quartet No.1 in G minor, Op. 27
Mendelssohn Piano Trio in C minor, Op. 66

I'm so excited to be going out on a fancy date! I can't remember the restaurant for dinner beforehand, but I know we were in a rush last time and that's NOT going to happen tomorrow night! We are going to simply enjoy ourselves.

Courtney said...

You're very welcome, Señor Laoch. May I call you Señor?

Yes!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your song smörgåsbord!! (look at all those Sweedish characters! Wow!)

Your fancy date sounds lovely... definitely enjoy yourself. That looks like a very listenable program (sometimes they aren't. You're safe). Have a great time!

Courtney said...

Sweeeeeedish characters.

Or just regular Swedish. Whatever.