Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm a mute today

Well, at least this morning.

I have a swollen uvula (that's the hangy ball in the back of your throat, not a girly part...{it's not Thursday... ew...})

Until March of this year, I hadn't ever had this happen before, nor had I even heard of it. So imagine my surprise when I Googled it and came up with this. Anyhow, the little bastert has showed up again and since just eating cold stuff all morning worked pretty good last time, my venti Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino will do nicely. I also find that this is one of those things that doesn't seem so bad until you see it, so I'm not even going to check it out this time. That was an unfortunate decision first time around...

So, um, yeah. That's the morning for me. Thankfully, I can still hum. Not that I sing full blast at the office, but I do get to rocking out back here sometimes. Since I have my mind fully occupied on my hangy ball situation, humming will have to be sufficient.

Here's some music that The Bloggess tweeted about the other day. It's so cute! And if you don't read The Bloggess... remedy this. She is absolutely hysterical.

Bitter Heart - Zee Avi

Yeah, it is NOT easy to talk with this hangy ball affliction. Blech...


Pop and Ice said...

Not sure how I missed that musical tweet! It is a cute a vaguely, passive-aggressive, I'm going to stab you in your sleep kind of way.....

Hope you're feeling better soon!

LiLu said...

The Bloggess is my favorite.

Except you just linked me so now YOU'RE my favorite.

I'm fickle like that. ;-)