Friday, May 22, 2009

I think I have Swine Flu in my neck.

Ok, so maybe not.

But holy CRAP. My lymph node or gland or muscle or something in my neck is all swollen and painful. And only on the right side, which, on the one hand, is nice, because I get a little relief, but it's also very annoying. I feel a bit feverish, too. Not a lot, but just enough to make me think, "Hmm... will this totally ruin my weekend?" (Though, it's not like I had anything actually planned, anyhow.)

Ok, I have a big picture frame that I have almost no pictures for, so I think I'm going to rip photos off of Facebook and print quotes to go in it. It's one with 3 layers of glass so it has a cool floaty effect.

Any quote suggestions for me?

I may also have to buy some of Samantha Lamb's photos from this little place in OKC called Cuppies and Joe. They are a precious coffee and cupcake place. Inside, it pretty much looks like what an Etsy store would be in real life. Anyway, Samantha Lamb has some postcards and prints for sale there and they're SO lovely! I encourage you to look at her whole photostream, but here are several of my favorites:


Harold and his bear Honey

gracious in goodness

Banjos & Bulbs


making a house a home

Lock yourself away


All images by Samantha Lamb


SassyLittleGinger said...

no quote suggestions because i am not creative at all today, but these pictures are amazing! love them!

Iva said...

wow! Very,very, VERY cool pictures! awesome. Thank you for posting them!