Monday, May 4, 2009


Bright Blue Music - Michael Torke

I am (well, was) working on a paper and heard this song and had to tell a little story to any and all of you guys that read this thing.

I remember the first time I heard this piece last year. I was sitting with my friend Neil, and having never heard this piece, I turned to him about 10 seconds into it and said, "This song is about sailboats. Like, in Maine, or someplace." He kind of laughed at me, but I think he came over to my way of thinking by the end of it. It's kind of a long listen (just over 9 minutes), but it's beautiful and vibrant and simply glorious.

And it makes me think of sailboats:


Those, yes, but most of all, this one:


Can you hear the seagulls flying around? See the people eating in a cafe on the harbor and the lovers sitting on a bench?

I so can.

1. Sailboat Harbour
2. boston harbor sailboats
3. Sailboats in St Thomas harbor
4. A Calm Wintery Harbor
5. Sailboat on Sydney Harbour