Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I should probably go ahead and apologize...

...for the content of this post and how completely meaningless it is. However, it amuses me AND wastes time, which are two very valuable things to me at this moment, so without further ado, I present...

Pressing issues at work.

Today, this includes:

  • Which of the alarming quantity of funny/nonchalant/emo self portraits I'm taking has the most Facebook potential

  • Harassing everyone that I know is available to entertain me (Many thanks to Seester, Joel, Kelly and John)

  • Deciding whether a side ponytail or a high ponytail is better

  • Angling my portrait machine (ahem... computer) so the mess over my right shoulder isn't visible (not my mess, don't know where it goes to clean it up)

  • Downloading a crapton of music (You're welcome, Joel)

Anyway... yeah. I don't really feel like playing WoW at this moment, and I don't want to watch a movie or TV, either. So, of course, in this situation, I present you with a song and fruits of my boreditude!

Trolley Wood - Eisley


I can't resist that stupid mosaic maker.


Thomas said...

What is "WoW"?

Courtney said...

Oh, that...

WoW is short for "World of Warcraft" and it is a very nerdy gaming habit I have. Golly, it's fun, though...


Pop and Ice said...

Next question for Thomas:

What is EQ?

Come on, Thomas! I'm fifty and I know this stuff! Although I play none of it.

Courtney: I like your pictures!

Diana Cohen said...

The bottom left pic is my choice! It's priceless!!!