Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gloating post

I apologize in advance for the intense gloating I'm about to do, but it has to be done.

I frickin' LOVE my job.

The work I do is basically secretarial paperworky kind of stuff, but there is enough talking to folks on the phone that I do get some human contact. My boss is so nice, and the two lovely ladies I work with are fantastic beyond measure, too. The hours are WAY flexible, the people I work with are awesome, the work is pretty light and it's literally only a minute from my apartment. This is all in addition to when it's slow (which it can be really slow, sometimes), I can watch TV or play WoW or read or whatever I want pretty much. See what I mean?

I will never have it this good ever again.

Also, they always have Post-its, which (as is evident by the photo) is totally necessary for me to function.



Pop and Ice said...

I'm SO trying to get back into the secretarial/adminstrative assistant job arena and it's so hard now that I have 12 years of IT experience behind me. But for many years before that I loved being an Administrative Assitant. I always felt very much appreciated and a part of the team.

Now I'm unemployed and have new ways to measure my worth such as in "Hey, today I got up before noon and took a shower." Could it get any better than this. (Yes, yes it could.....)