Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disney, why have you forsaken me?

So Meg over at The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell posted about classic Disney movies and her beef with their decline into pure consumerism. I started to write a comment to her, but then I realized that I basically had just written a post in her comment box, so I came over here and wrote it out instead. This is what I have to say in response:

I could not agree more!!

Not even kidding: I have been slowly amassing all of the best Disney movies, either on VHS or DVD, whatever, for when (when, when {I like to say it three times to reinforce the certainty...ahem...}) I have kids, because I can't be sure if Disney (or anyone) will ever be able to produce films of the same caliber as the animated (and some not animated) films of our childhood and before.

World's longest sentence... anyway, I submit for review some of my favorites that MY children will watch (some Disney, some not):

  • Robin Hood (Animated foxes... yum)

  • The Rescuers, and Rescuers Down Under

  • Prince of Egypt

  • Babe

  • Fern Gully

The above list is, of course, in addition to these mandatory classics:

  • The Little Mermaid

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • Aladdin

  • The Lion King

  • Cinderella

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • Mulan

Yeah, so what if basically the definition of a "Classic" is just that it has a good love story? Sue me. I digress...

Oh, Disney, we're all begging you: return to the days of yore when you had something to say other than "Buy a Hannah Montana doll!" We miss our princes, princesses, love stories, magic carpets, singing foxes, castles, good triumphing over evil, the prince getting his gal, the gal getting her prince, fantastic music with singable soundtracks, fairies...

I could go on...


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A "cheery" disposition said...

o my gosh finally someone who agrees! I am always saying this! I wish they would make old disney movies like they used to. I mean seriously little mermaid and petter pan and cinderella and.. well you get the picture. Are some of the greatest movies ever!