Tuesday, July 7, 2009

*zzzzz* WHAT!? Ok, ok... I'm awake, it's cool.


So, I'm back! Yay! But I'm WHOA tired, so this will be short (hopefully, that isn't at all what he said) and sweet. Well, it will be short, anyway. I'll post a little more about my funfunfun 4th when I get to my camera (I think it's in my suitcase at home) and see if any of my pictures turned out. For now, I only have a the pictures from Joel's camera which, since we didn't take it to the top of the mountain, doesn't have any firework pictures on it.

What's that? Oh yeah. We totally watched fireworks from the top of a mountain. You guys = so jealous.

The gal that drove (her amazing Scion got such good gas mileage that my half wasn't even $50) had to be at work this morning at 6am (yikes), so we left last night from Albuquerque at about 9pm. Yes, in case you're counting, that gave us just about exactly enough time to get back as long as we didn't stop for very long. She dropped me off this morning at my apartment 10 minutes before she was supposed to be at work. I slept for 3 hours, went to a voice lesson (which was AWESOME) and I'm at work work now. I want to make a tasty casserole for dinner, but I'm very sleepy. It will all just depend on my laziness when I get finished with work.

I will definitely tell you all about of this later:

  • Hallucinations on the road home

  • KAH-razy dudes at the Love's just outside of Amarillo

  • Mountaintop fireworks (with pictures!)


  • whatever else I think of when I'm not so damn sleepy

Aren't you just dying to know?! I know I am. (Hmm...) Before I go, here's a couple of pictures! Yay!

This place is like a postcard, y'all

Good weekend. :)

Until next time!


Mary Ellen said...

*smiling* - sleep well!

SassyLittleGinger said...

sounds like your weekend was fab :)

i am insanely jealous that you watched fireworks ON TOP OF A FREAKING MOUNTAIN and saw away we go. Jeal!!