Friday, July 17, 2009

8 hours... a REALLY long time to be in the car. But it is absolutely worth it.

That's Ashley, my Albuquerque roadtrip buddy. She was in the sun and it was too warm, so we put the sunshades over her.

I didn't want to turn around to take a picture of the rainbow, so I took a picture of it in the side mirror. Note the difference in the color of the sky in front of us versus the sky behind us. That was a rough patch we had just been through.

This was probably 1 or 2 hours from Albuquerque

I brought a bunch of my music and books so hopefully I make some headway on the papers and recitals and crap for next semester. Anywhozits, I'm gonna get out of this Hastings and go piddle around until Joel gets off work. Toodles!

p.s. I don't just mean worth it for the sunsets, mountains and rainbows.


The Curious Cat said...

I love car journeys -is that wrong of me? A good bunch of CDs and the right company and it is ace! I can also beat your time - I once spent 2 days on a bus from the south of Brazil to the North! That was't so air con, no good tunes, bad roads and hardly anywhere to eat...