Thursday, February 12, 2009

...or not.

So I haven't posted ANYTHING since October. It's possible that I am not designed to blog. I enjoy other blogs supremely and I feel like my contribution to the blogging universe (I refuse to use the term coined by merging those words together) is negligible at very best, totally unnoticed is more likely.

I am going to be doing a recital for fun here in a couple of weeks (hopefully). I have to get approval from more of the powers that be before I can say officially one way or the other, but it's going to be sweet. It will be all songs that I actually like to sing and to listen to, so that will be a nice change. I am thinking of titling it "Arias and a Big Ol' English Piece" since... well that's what it is.

Anyway, V-Day approaches, He's Just Not That Into You was a massive failure (as the previews imply it to be a comedy when it was basically depressing with a few funny lines) and I still am fiercely addicted to Wheat Thins with no hope of a cure.


Alyssa Fox said...

I vividly recall yelling the words "stop" and "it" at the screen throughout the movie...