Monday, February 23, 2009

Sue me, I'm bitching about this class again.

I realize this may make me seem like a big whiner, but there's nothing I can do about that. Whatever angry/irritated/stubborn button this damn class pushes seriously makes me want to quit school and just say to hell with this. Because the work involved in making a B in this class is FAR more than I ever wanted to put forth for what is basically a Gen Ed in the Master's program. Adding to the "I kinda want to quit" vibe is that I'm paying out the ass for this and with all the economy blah blah I will not be getting any extra help next semester, so I'll still just be borrowing. I entertained the idea (for about 3 minutes) that I might take a year, or a semester or something to just work and save money and whatnot. That was just a destructive line of thinking in general. I tend to go through a phase of "Do I still want to do this whole opera thing?" every now and again. It is influenced by various life issues, and now this stupid, worthless, frustrating class is putting me in that mode again. Maybe I'm just really lame or something, but I really hate that this one class can make me just want to give up entirely. I guess I just looked ahead at the homework assignments and they're no better than the one I'm putting off right now. I applaud all the people who are actually able to just do classwork. I am SO not studious. K. Time to focus. And then blissful sleep. Sheesh, I may sleep through class. Hahahaha..... no. Bad idea. :-(