Thursday, February 19, 2009


I feel like I got a ton of stuff done today! Though, looking at my "To do" list, it doesn't really look like I did...

To do:
Renew vehicle registration
Send in form to GC marketing (so I can get paid!)
Pay my car payment
Pay various other bills
Learn 3 of the 4 Last Songs of Strauss and memorize the other one
Memorize Pace, pace...
Relearn the quartet from Rigoletto (YAYAYAYAY)
Learn German for The Csárdás
Start to learn Ah, perfido! (why am I putting this off?!)
Not fail 20th Century Style & Structure
Get my Naftzger stuff in order (competition) and get in touch with the Taos Opera people...

So... basically I just need to not play WoW or Rockband until I start learning all this flipping music. How sad! Well, if I have more productively minded days like today, this will be fine. I actually don't anticipate having problems. Of course, I never really do. Blessing and a curse, really... Ok. Time to go home and play Wo...... er..... memorize some stuff.