Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting overexcited... very dangerous when we're talking about high Ds.

I realize that I have said SOMETHING about high Ds to basically everyone I have come in contact with over the last several days, but that is because a high D has always been the bane of my existence. I interpolated a high E flat into an opera when I was way younger (and before my chest voice decided to assert itself) but after that one time, even Cs have been a pain in my ass sometimes. Getting to a place where a high D is feasible in public is so ridiculously awesome because they have been simply unattainable for me for YEARS.

That being said, I have to continually remember to a) not push on it. I mean, it doesn't need any help being loud; and b) only do it like once or twice before I just have to stop, even though it's so much fun just to be able to hang out on it for a couple of beats! My poor muscles don't have the strongitude to do too many Ds at a time. I sit here writing this because I ran Pace, pace mio dio, Vissi d'arte and then The Csárdás with the D and now... voce is a little tired. That's ok, voce. You just rest your weary self.

In any case, sorry to any of you reading this that aren't singers or interested, because this is HUGE in my vocal universe. I just have to make sure I don't hurt it by messing with it too much. I fear I will get drunk with power and just sing the crap out of it. But, no! I shall stay strong! Back to singing The Weepies and the like with no support at all. :-)