Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whoa, dream

You know those dreams where you're all disoriented when you wake up and it's not necessarily that you believe what happened in your dream was real, but that you aren't awake enough to realize that you're not dreaming anymore and all of the intentions or goals or whatever you had ben focused on before you woke up bled over into real life?

I just had the strangest dream that, among other things, I was at some sort of place (very River in Firefly) that was keeping me there under the pretense that they were helping me or that it was prestigious in some way but I started the dream at a point where they were taking a group of us to kill us. They didn't tell us that, but that was the implication. So, my friend from high school, Kristin, Amanda Stoerzbach and I broke a window in the corridor and ran away. And (since in dreams, you are suddenly in a place that is familiar, even though it has nothing to do with the dream) we are in Wichita Falls in some hybrid place that is both my undergrad campus and one of the main streets in town. So we are just running. And we all know that if they get to us, they'll just kill us. They were going to do that anyway. And so we keep ducking in and out of places and running and running, and when it appears that they have given up (even though we know that they haven't) it occurs to us that we can't go to anywhere that is familiar to us because they know everything about us. We can't call anyone because this massively Big Brother type organization would hear us and find us that much more quickly and so we start calling everyone we know to tell them that we love them and that the ubiquitous they are going to kill us when they find us and then we start telling every person we actually contact a different place that we're headed. All the while, we're still alternating between hiding and running. I woke up trying to call anyone that I had that worked in the news to get on the air as fast as I could to expose the organization for what it was before they could stifle it, even though I sort of knew that they'd cover it all up anyway.

I woke up sort of trying to think of people I could call about that broadcast and also hoping I hadn't slept through my class today. It did take me a good ten seconds to process what time I was seeing on my clock, though.