Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After some much needed rest... voce  and I had a Come to Jesus Meeting. It was time to sing again, as I had been ridiculously pampering it for weeks. So, albeit a cough, rehearsal last night went pretty well. Simple atrophy played/is playing a part on my ability to phonate, but it'll be fine. I guess I'm just babbling all this nonsense to say that I'm really glad I am able to sing again, even if I'm not at 100% just yet. When my voice is screwed up, I feel like I'm only half a person or something. And/Or/Also, November is going to kick my butt. Starting with NATS/Rondine (hopefully, as we don't know yet), then Rondine for real the next week, then the very next week is my Santa Fe audition in Albuquerque (FYI, I am SUPER excited for that). Cut straight to Christmas. Blargh!

Well, enough of that. I must say that I bow humbly before Ms. Jessie Salley and her very well put together website (audio files and all), lovely headshots and fabulous business cards. Jessie, you are an inspiration to us all! 

I wish I had more to say in this blog, as I really don't have enough knowledge to review anything and my life is very boring as of late. Hopefully there will be more to report in the coming weeks. I'm sure this little guy (the blog) will take some direction in due time.