Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ready to take a ride on my train of thought? Here we go!

Working on Project 1 ->
Look up something on the internet ->
Get distracted and work on Project 2 ->
Look up something else on the internet ->
Realize I'm being scattered ->
Wish I was better focused and think about that I need to get myself medicated for ADD ->
Remember that I don't have health insurance at my new job ->
Ponder life and how much it's going to cost versus what I will be making ->
Wonder if I'll have enough money to get medicated ->
Think about how cool/productive life would be if I WAS medicated (or at least the option) ->
Remember that I'm supposed to be working ->
Repeat from beginning.

So... that's life today.



Mary Ellen said...

I LOVE that poster! There's always caffeine - that oh-so-great self-medication.

R149 3o75s said...

->think about who's him. ->(me!)<-
->Learn portuguese, just to name him bad and insult him, (me?)<-