Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That post I meant to write

The quote from the previous post was not adequately explained. Rümmi and I were listening to new music that she had recently acquired from her brother. In between vodka shots, I was picking out stuff that I wanted for my own self. Our highly scientific method of deciding what albums I wanted was basically just listening to bits of 2 or 3 songs from whatever album was in question and it was either a big yes or a big no. One of these albums, I don't even remember which one, was wishy-washy upon first sampling, but another track sounded more like something I'd like.

Rümmi said, "It's worth it to get the whole album if you like a track on it; even if there's only one. You'll end up liking the rest of it eventually."

There is a lot of truth to that, with regard to lots of things. Well said, Rümmi.


That's for you, Rümmi!

**Also, super bonus points if anyone knows the movie that the image in that post is from.