Monday, March 9, 2009

God is so funny

I just read that blog from earlier and laughed at myself. Remember that thing about me not worrying? Here's a great example of WHY I don't worry about crap:

I had some last minute-ish (but very much a priority) Spring Break plans that involved going to WF. I am also moving OUT of my apartment and INTO another one very close to that time. I also will barely have enough money to live at this point. (See why it's funny that I don't worry about anything?)

So this is how this goes down. I get a text canceling my need to go to WF for break which bums me out kind of a lot. (So I mindlessly play WoW for like 7 hours today. Hey, it's cheaper than booze.) Then, I realize: DUH. My co-worker is going to be out of town for the entirety of break visiting her parents, so I get my pick of the hours. That means I will work a full 40 hour week next week. This will assuage my "I don't have enough money to even buy Ramen" issue quite a bit. Additionally, this 40 hour week will allow me to play WoW as much as I want! This is a double bonus, because I will be getting paid, and playing my game and I would have done neither had I gone to WF. (Nerd sidebar: I have 2 65s now! And I love my guild! Oh, God.... sooo nerdy....)

So anyhow, this is going to be a great break complete with working, moving, and WoWing!!*


*confession: I would still have rather gone to WF for those plans...