Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Goals and dreams

I have a new short term goal. And what does it have to do with? WoW. Because apparently nothing else in my life is worth talking about? ....question mark? Anyway, I need to achieve 8 and a half levels between 2 characters in as short a span of time as possib-

Seriously?? This is what I have to talk about?! I mean, I guess it could be worse... I could be talking about something depressing or sad, but instead.... just WoW. I kinda hate that about my life at the moment.

Uh... I'm moving? So yay for that... I MUST move at least some of my crap to the other place by the 14th because they're turning off the internet at the old place then. So, as per my norm, as long as I have some clothes, some food and my computer, I'll be fine at the new place. We'll have to move my bed while we have the truck, so I guess that will already be there. That will be a pleasant change from any other new place I've ever moved into. Also: We'll be on the bottom floor, which will be another new and exciting adventure. Let's cross our fingers and hope this place is better than the old one.

So, since I literally have nothing worthwhile to say: I love this song. Enjoy.