Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So, I read about this book and also read this article and it makes me wonder:

Should I quit the internet for a while?

I mean, I can't totally quit because I work from home and a LOT of it is done via email, but I could at least quit Facebook and Twitter (let's get real- even if you have Myspace, we all quit that a long time ago...) and try to forge some ACTUAL relationships! Go out and DO things!

Kelli O'Hara - "The Beauty Is" from Light in the Piazza by Adam Guettel

As far as the logistics of such a move, it would basically just be the social parts of the internet that I would "quit." I figure that I can still watch my TV online as even pre-Facebook culture had television. I can still Google stuff and listen to music online and everything that the internet can offer me as far as information, but just not the false interaction that one gets from looking at a friend's wedding pictures and sort of feeling like you were there.

Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine

I guess my biggest hesitation (fear...?) is that I won't feel any less alone by pulling away from it. I feel pretty alone now, but again, this is an alone that is propagated by just sitting on my ass all day since I can "see" my friends any time I log in to Facebook. Also, this drops in early December, and as I have previously mentioned, I do like playing the game and I love my friends that also play it, so that makes it rough to just STOP interneting. Though, I guess WoW is a game and isn't strictly social, but still. If I quit the others, the WoW would likely suffer. Anyway, I just kind of feel like making a change in the ol' life to try to jumpstart its not sucking. I don't know where blogging or not blogging would fit into this scenario. I wouldn't blog, obviously, but I don't know how much I would read of others' blogs because that seems like exactly the sort of thing I'm trying to cut out. So that's up in the air.

Heavy in Your Arms - Florence + the Machine

I will say this: Florence + the Machine is helping quite a bit with the not sucking part.

Anyway, what do you guys think about quitting the internet?


Kate said...

Courtney, I think you're just bored. You need to fing something to audition for... sooner rather than later if you can. Your mind is too active and you dont listen to happy enough music to be cooped up watching FB update all day. Geez thats like watching bananas rot. Also, it WILL get better with funds. At least then you can go take a dance class or take yoga or something. That's what i always do when I can't stand looking at a computer anymore.