Monday, August 16, 2010


I think I have some significant OCD tendencies. I wish they'd migrate over into my room cleaning habits, but mainly they stay in the part of brain that likes watching television.

I like T.V. I watch a LOT of T.V., actually. At any given time, there are between ten and fifteen shows that I'm watching weekly and trying to keep up with. Thank God for Hulu, right? I'm 2 episodes away from being finished with Mad Men, which is good, because my OCDness cannot be sated until it's done. Oh, Mad Men...

Some people are enamored with him.


I'm enamored with her.

(well, really more her, though this photo is better)
{or better still, this one. How frickin' gorgeous!!}

Anyway, I really want to start watching Friday Night Lights because it seems very much up my alley, but it's all on Netflix. I know that this seems like a boon (and eventually it will be), but right now, if I watch the pilot..... I'll be sucked in. I'll have to watch ALL OF THE EPISODES until I'm caught up. And thank goodness it's on Hulu or I'd never keep up, but oy. I need a break from my T.V. so I can get back to the important things in my life.