Monday, August 9, 2010

Messy Bedroom


So I have noticed a weird thing I do. When I move into a new place, or even after I've been living there a while, when I go to clean it, I clean the kitchen and the living room.... and then either slow down immensely or stop. Looking around my new place, my kitchen is totally unpacked and up and running, as is my living room. My dining room area has a couple of boxes in it, but since I don't have a dining table as of yet, there's not much going on in that room anyway. The bookshelf is in there, though, and it is totally unpacked and decorated and whatever. I even hung most of my art already. In the living room, mind you, not in my room.

My bedroom is woefully neglected with regard to unpacking and decorating. I made my bed all pretty, but mainly because when I Skype with Bosslady, she can see it behind me. I have literally not unpacked the VAST majority of my clothes, but my Xbox is ready to go. Anyone else experience this weird unpacking priority?


Sydnii said...

I know the feeling! I think its because the bedroom is a place I rarely share with others. I mean, my guests/friends aren't poking around in my bedroom like they are in the living room and kitchen. I moved into my apt two months ago, and there're still one or two boxes of bedroom stuff unpacked.

R149 3o75s said...

U both,C & Sydnii R right!Yes,that's it! A real messy bedroom is our unreal true world...