Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is a website!

(heh heh)

So I want opinions, people.

It's me!

What do you think??

And now that all you crazies know my real name, don't stalk me.

...or do. Whatever.

Anyhow- suggestions, comments, complaints, ninjas, ponies, cash prizes and wildly flamboyant silk robes are all welcome. Thanks!!


Laoch of Chicago said...

I like the simple lines of it in a design sense. I think you are correct in your conclusion that you should replace your tag line as it might seem too flip if you are directing any work related searches for you there.

I like your use of multi-media clips of your work there for people who search for you to access. That is a nice touch, although I might call that section something other than media as I was expecting newspaper reviews when I clicked it.

Pop and Ice said...

It's gorgeous! Now take the profile pic from that website and bring it over here because I thought you had suddenly morphed into a 40-year old Italian momma!

And everything Laoch said...

Mary Ellen said...

Maybe you have taken it down? I can't seem to get to it.

Courtney said...

Thanks you guys!

@PopandIce - Hahaha! My big curly hair not doing it for you?

@MaryEllen - it's www.courtneylongcrier.com if the link in the blog doesn't work. I can click it and it goes right there. I hope it's still working!

Stars Seeker_A.K said...

Hi there!
Yep, agree. That's a website!
It is cool, good combination of blue and white. Love blue, combines with almost everything lol.
Well, passing through to say:
Hi! XD

Reesa said...

I think you have a pretty name...for what it's worth. :)