Thursday, February 18, 2010

My last paper EVER!

So, as is my tendency, my LAST PAPER I EVER HAVE TO WRITE EVER is due tomorrow.... and I'm up right now finishing it. I will also likely not sleep this evening, but again... LAST PAPER EVER. I am feeling at least sort of okay about it as I can hand in a piece of crap tomorrow as long as I hand in something. I'll have to revise the heck out of it anyway because that's just what you do with these things.

In a slight bit of interestingness, I'm going to try to finagle a way to live stream my recital to here and also my fancy professional website so you loverly people can sit in your jammies on March 7th at 6pm CST and listen to some big ol' opera.

Okay, well I just needed a little mental break from editing and editing again and writing... so back to the grind.



Laoch of Chicago said...


The Great Complainer said...

Good Lord! That picture is my childhood, Bowl-cut and all!

Stars Seeker_A.K said...

Wooo! I wanna listen to some 'ol opera hehehe.
You know something... I really look like that little kid while doing hw XD... why do homeworks and papers have to exist? Dx
Well, life is like this and we can't do a thing about it right? XD

Mary Ellen said...

Courtney, how exciting that you are so close to the finish line! (I've SO been there with that late night paper frenzy.) Hope that streaming thing works.

PrincessDipti said...

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