Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wendy or a Tinkerbell

Holy crap, internets. Sometimes, you up and produce some utterly intriguing stuff.


"The way I see it, every girl has to deal with a Peter Pan at some point in her life. A man-child, if you will. They’re fun, charming, witty, intoxicating and have such a magnetic personality that you don’t notice you’ve fallen completely in love with them until 4 months later. Then you have to decide which type of girl you are.

Are you a Wendy or a Tinkerbell?

See, if you’re a Wendy, you realize that the novelty of running through the neighbour’s lawn sprinklers at 3am completely naked and stealing bags of chips from 7-Eleven while one of you distracts the clerk, has worn off. So you pack up your bags and go off to grad school where you meet a nice young dentist that you can take home to your mom. Sure, sometimes you sit in bed with that perfect man lying next to you, thinking back on that one time you stole a couple shopping carts from Walgreens and raced them down the empty street. And you’ll smile, but you won’t regret moving on and taking responsibility for your life.

Now if you’re a Tinkerbell, you stay with Peter. Because you love one another and you both have an unspoken understanding that you’ve got too many psychological issues between you for it to work with anyone else. You thrive off the excitement and silliness of everything he does and it never gets old. You know why? Because you’re the only one who really “gets” him. And vice-versa. If you’re having a bad day he’ll put on Life Of Brian because he knows it’ll make everything ok, if only for a few hours. And that, my friends, is true love."

How totally genius is that?

via Sade


LiLu said...

I always thought I was a Tinkerbelle... but it turns out I'm a Wendy. Love it!

mylittlebecky said...

yeah, i'll go with wendy... but we do, do some silly stuff. :)